Important to read before you send your CV/Resume, Co-Worker Technology´s privacy policy.

By sending your CV/Resumé to Co-Worker Technology you give Co-Worker Technology your consent to save your CV/Resumé in Co-Worker Technology’s database in order to match with open positions at Co-Worker Technology. According to the Personal Data Act 1998: 204 (PuL), no registration is allowed without the person's consent. For more information about personal data act, please visit: Your CV/resume is stored solely in our database for us to match your profile with open recruitment and consulting assignments for Co-Worker Technology. We don’t register personal data. Our database is not linked to any third-party company. All personal data is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act (PuL). Personal data refers to all information that can be used to identify a person, such as name, home address and e-mail address. Personal data processing refers to all actions taken with personal data such as collection, storage and processing. If you want to have your CV/Resumé deleted from Co-Worker Technology database, please e-mail , state your name and that you want to have your CV/Resume deleted.